EX-Out Access Doors

Allows easy hopper interior inspection and / or installation of fluidizers without getting inside the product compartment.

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EX-In Silo Fluidizer Kits

Retrofit existing flat or conical hoppers currently using inefficient air pads or diffusers.

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Control System

Save air and energy with the Solimar Fluidizer Control System, keep dry materials flowing in storage silos, weigh hoppers and filters while saving air and energy.

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Mini Silo Fluidizer

All the features of our 4-inch diameter fluidizers (above) but in a compact two-inch diameter size. Ideal for tight curvature chambers down to 4-inch diameter (100 mm) to keep product from bridging, rat holing or hanging up in corners.

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Silo Fluidizer

Uniform flow and discharge of dry bulk materials through aeration and hopper wall vibration. Prevents bridging, rat holing and compacting in storage silos, dust collectors, weigh bins and IBC’s.

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Metal Detectable Silo Fluidizer

Assure your products of zero contamination with the new metal detectable fluidizer disk. This is the first and only one of its kind designed for the dairy, pharmaceutical and food related industries.

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The High Temp Mini-Fluidizer

The High-Temp version of the popular Mini-Fluidizer allows materials to be handled at up to 450°F (233° C). The two-inch diameter Mini Disk with exclusive Radial Ridge Design fits in pipes, chutes and small hoppers for more pneumatic conveying options.

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Solimar External Installation Tool

Adding Solimar Fluidizers to new or existing silos, hoppers and bins is easy with the External Installation Tool. Now quickly install Solimar Disk-type aerators or plugs with this three-part system. A threaded end attaches to the stem of the disk-type aerator or plug.

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Solimar Fast-Fit Kit™

For OEMs or retrofits, here is another useful way to incorporate the family of Solimar fluidizers into your silo, bin or hopper. Simply drill a two-inch diameter hole, feed the fluidizer disk through from the outside of the silo, attach the remaining pieces and secure with the nut. The food grade stainless steel alignment plate makes positioning easy and the retaining cable assists installation.

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Dust Filter Assembly

Significantly reduces dust using unique filtering media of porous polymer tubes providing up to 183 square feet of filter area depending on the model.


Filter Tubes

Solimar Dust Filter Tubes eliminate product dust by using unique filtering media of engineered porous polymer.
24” and 36” Standard Lengths Custom sizes available.

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Swingaway Bottoms

Swing Away Bottoms offer versatility for bulk trailers. Pneumatic or gravity discharge for easy clean out and washing when hauling two ways with different products.

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Hopper Cones

Aluminum hopper cones for dry bulk trailer applications.

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Butler Manhole

In-stock replacement parts for Butler® manhole covers.

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Manhole Cover

Solimar’s 20″ Manhole Cover offers simplicity and convenience. No struggling with six hold-down clamps. Provides tight, secure seal for liquid tank applications such as oil or asphalt.

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Check Valves

Engineered to meet or exceed all requirements for unloading dry bulk products. Offers significant cost and quality improvements over older style valves.

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Plate Fluidizers

Replace inefficient fabric pads and aerator plates in Fruehauf and other bulk trailers.

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Disk Fluidizer/Aerator for Dry Bulk Trailers

Provides aeration and vibration for fast, efficient unloading and prevention of bridging and rat-holing.

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Solimar Hopper Plug

Converting an aerated hopper to non-aerated discharge is now easy with the new Hopper Plug from Solimar. This high quality solution replaces aerators for sugar hauling, pneumatic trailers and vacuum, plastic pellet tanks. The aluminum plug comes with a threaded end to slide through the hole left by an aerator in the hopper bottom.

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