Loading Spout

Loading Spout

Vortex-Loading-Spout-Cut-Away-e1418768605546Dustless Loading Solutions

Vortex Loading Spout Cut Away e14187686055461 – FOUR CABLE LIFTING SYSTEM
Provides added security over 2 and 3-cable spout designs
Uses a 3-piece CNC machined pulleys with chamfered edges
Combination of 4-cables and unique pulleys = 10-Year Warranty on cables

Many different options for construction material. In most cases the material is selected based on application parameters.

Level-sensing probe provides automation and speed to the loading process
Eliminates the need for visual monitoring of the loading process
Reduces the ability to overfill a load leading to material waste


A handheld pendant can be added for full control of the spout during the loading process.

Can be added for open loading applications to further control dust emissions.

3-Piece CNC Machined Pulleys

The CNC machined pulleys feature chamfered edges and precision cable grooves to significantly reduce cable wear and backlashing as the loading spout extends and retracts, especially during the misalignment of the hatch opening. Because the cables do not fray, cable failure is eliminated and so is downtime for repairs. In fact, we are so confident of the increased lifespan of these lifting cables that we cover them with a 10-year warranty for wear, tear and workmanship, compared to the industry standard 1-year warranty.

Center Mount Motor

The drive unit is center mounted beneath the main support pan assembly for better protection from the elements and is easily accessible for service, as needed. It features a premium motor/reducer drive unit standard with an integral braking system, as well as, forged idler rollers with double sealed roller bearings. These are used in place of simple stamped rollers with bushings. Vortex offers a 1-year warranty on all motor and electronic components.

Level Sensing Probe

Mounted on the outside of the skirt in open loading applications, the probe slowly tilts as the pile of material gets higher in the vessel or on the stockpile. Its “auto-raise” feature sends a signal to the loading spout motor to slowly retract the spout up. When the spout reaches a preset height, it signals the material feed gate or belt conveyor to cut off the material flow. This feature eliminates the need for visual monitoring and avoids overfilling.

Open & Closed Loading Systems

Vortex Loading Spouts can be utilized in enclosed or open trucks, semi-tankers, railcars, and small stockpile situations. Both standard and high volume spouts are made to handle a wide range of application parameters.

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