Aeration Systems

Aeration Systems

Efficient Material Conveying through Aeration


Vortex Aeration Systems are designed to convey dusty, powdery or flaky materials by using gravity on a downward slope. They can be installed on the inside bottom of a storage container or mounted to follow a specific path inside the plant. The Vortex line of aeration systems include aerated conveyor systems, aerated bin bottoms, and aerated trough systems. All aeration systems are custom designed and manufactured to your individual project specification, so they can handle any material and desired flow rate.

Aerated Conveyors & Trough Systems
These systems are designed to transfer materials across a wide range of distances. Aerating material inside with low-pressure air allows gravity to facilitate product flow.
Aerated Bin Bottoms
Attached to the bottom of silos or hoppers allowing a larger area of material to be fluidized and flow with ease.
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