Solimar Hopper Plug

Solimar Hopper Plug

Converting an aerated hopper to non-aerated discharge is now easy with the new Hopper Plug from Solimar. This high quality solution replaces aerators for sugar hauling, pneumatic trailers and vacuum, plastic pellet tanks. The aluminum plug comes with a threaded end to slide through the hole left by an aerator in the hopper bottom.

A stainless steel lock washer and nut are included to complete installation. The bolt end is chamfered to provide a flat surface for a wrench to secure the bolt when tightening the nut. A through hole allows a security strap to be attached to prevent tampering. The polished metallic head of the plug fits flush with the hopper wall to prevent any hang-up of materials. Aerators can be re-installed by simply removing the plug.



Click here to download the full specifications (PDF)