Solimar Fast-Fit Kit™

Solimar Fast-Fit Kit™

fastfitFor OEMs or retrofits, here is another useful way to incorporate the family of Solimar fluidizers into your silo, bin or hopper. Simply drill a two-inch diameter hole, feed the fluidizer disk through from the outside of the silo, attach the remaining pieces and secure with the nut. The food grade stainless steel alignment plate makes positioning easy and the retaining cable assists installation.

Just another tool Solimar provides to assist in the flow of your dry bulk materials by preventing bridging, rat holing and compacting while keeping personnel outside the bin, hopper or silo. Directional air flow forces air along bin wall, Gentle vibration keeps product flowing – No airline plugging – Patented disks seal tightly – Durable design will not tear.

Material compatible – Silicone rubber in blue or white (FDA approved) or black or white EPDM – Temperatures to 450°F (230° C).

Versatility – Numerous combinations of stems, fittings and airlines – Models for high pressure/low volume air or low pressure/high volume air.


Click here to download the full specifications (PDF)