Rubber Tubing & Sleeves

Rubber Tubing & Sleeves Rubber Tubing

Seamless rubber tubing and sleeves are one of the most versatile flexible connectors. How do you select the best choice from the many varieties of rubber compounds and sleeve constructions? Let Siftex show you how the right rubber compound and tube design make all the difference in durability and wear. With dozens of FDA and non-FDA rubber compounds and thousands of mandrels sizes in stock, Siftex is your trusted source for seamless rubber tubing designed for your process. Get better connected with our thirty years’ experience, large stock and free cut-to-length service.

The right rubber compound makes all the difference in durability and wear. Siftex is your source for dozens of FDA and non-FDA rubber compounds. With hundreds of mandrel sizes in stock, Siftex has the flexibility to provide you with the seamless rubber tubing designed for your process:

Connecting Sleeves
Bulk bag filling bladders
Pinch Valves
Load-out Sleeves
Machine Transitions
Vibration Isolation
Depending on your needs we have many different rubber tubing and hoses available:

Pressure-rated hoses
Custom Vulcanized Rubber Sleeves

Wall Thickness
Construction Options
1″ (25mm) to 40″ (1m) + I.D. Custom Cut Lengths
10ft (3m) rolls
12ft (3.6m) rolls
24ft (7.3m) rolls
48ft (14.6m) rolls
1/16″ (1.6mm)
1/8″ (3.2mm)
3/16″ (4.8mm)
1/4″ (6.4mm)
Wrapped O.D finish
Smooth inside Wall
Static conductive channel
Fabric reinforced
Custom branding

Static-Conductive Channel Tubing
Control static charges without the risk of wires contaminating your product. FDA-acceptable inside and outside product contact surfaces. Make cut-to-length static-conductive sleeves quickly and easily. No static, no static worries!
Unique static-conductive layer is an integral component of the tubing wall circumference. Static conductive layer offers surface resistance of

Simply push a metal clip into each end and connect to metal spouting. Static-conductive channel is located under the branding strip on the outside of the tubing.

Materials and Sizes
Available in two designs: 25 psi pressure rated hose, and lighter weight non-pressure rated flexible tubing.
Both feature a 1/8″ (3.2mm) thick, white FDA-acceptable rubber tube and grey neoprene cover.
Choose from the following tubing compounds to meet your application requirements:

White FDA Natural Gum Rubber
White FDA Neoprene
White FDA Carboxylated Nitrile

If you looking for a non-FDA option Black Static-conductive Neoprene Tubing is for you. N55C is a high grade Neoprene rubber compound formulated to provide the properties of Neoprene – moderate oil resistance in addition to resistance to the elements. The incorporation of special black fillers provides a high level of electrical conductivity in the finished products as well as abrasion resistance. The compound is rated “conductive”.

Diameter 1/8″ (3.2 mm)
Wall Part Number
3/16″ (4.8 mm)
Wall Part Number
1/4″ (6.4 mm)
Wall Part Number
16″ (406 mm) 2816 2316 2416
14″ (356 mm) 2814 2314 2414
12″ (305 mm) 2812 2312 2412
10″ (254 mm) 2810 2310 2410
8″ (203 mm) 2088 2038 2048
6″ (152 mm) 2086 2036 2046
4″ (102 mm) 2084 2034 2044

Custom Rubber Tubing
Additional diameters, constructions, and rubber compounds are readily available. Given the manufacturing process involved, there may be a minimum quantity requirement. Talk to your sales representative for details on ordering the seamless rubber tubing you require. In addition, we can offer a number of alternative products, i.e.: Clear-Flex sleeves, PTFE sleeves, Sift-Socks fabric sleeves and Hi-Flex hoses without minimum production limits.