Sleeve-within-a-Sleeve™ Flexibles

Sometimes the simplest flexible connector idea is the most effective. And, no flexible connector design is simpler, more effective or easier to use than the sleeve-within-a-sleeve. This two-layer connector features a seamless inner sleeve which is joined to an outer sleeve at the top end. The bottom end of the inner sleeve hangs inside the inlet of the equipment being filled. This directs all product flow into the pipe thereby eliminating product buildup around the pipe. The outer sleeve clamps to the equipment pipes for a dust-free connection. Simple, effective, durable and customized to your specific requirements.

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If you can draw it, we can sew it! Sift-Sock fabrics are easily customized to meet your specific requirements. Connecting sleeves, machine and bin covers, load-out chutes, dust-control bags are available in a large selection of dust-tight and breathable fabrics. These include fabrics rated for high temperatures, chemical exposure, constant flexing and abrasion resistance. Sift-Socks can be fabricated with custom hems, a variety of inner/outer sleeve combinations, static-control materials and more. Get better connected with Sift-Socks for all your custom sewn product needs.

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Rubber Tubing & Sleeves Rubber Tubing

Seamless rubber tubing and sleeves are one of the most versatile flexible connectors. How do you select the best choice from the many varieties of rubber compounds and sleeve constructions? Let Siftex show you how the right rubber compound and tube design make all the difference in durability and wear. With dozens of FDA and non-FDA rubber compounds and thousands of mandrels sizes in stock, Siftex is your trusted source for seamless rubber tubing designed for your process. Get better connected with our thirty years’ experience, large stock and free cut-to-length service.

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PTFE (Teflon®) Flexibles

PTFE’s chemical resistance, easy to clean non-stick surface, thermal stability and durability in harsh environments makes it ideal for connecting sleeves, transitions and machine covers. Siftex PTFE flexibles are safe for direct food contact and provide outstanding resistance to aggressive cleaning practices. Our selection of PTFE fabrics and flexible laminate films gives you the choice of breathable or dust-tight media. Custom shapes and sleeve designs are readily available. When other sleeve materials can’t withstand your toughest applications, put Siftex PTFE flexibles to work.

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MAGNETHANE is more attractive! Magnetic traps and metal detectors are a proven defense against metal contaminants. And, like metal parts, plastic and rubber components are everywhere in a processing facility. Rubber and plastic components made with MAGNETHANE provide powerful metal-detectability and magnet susceptibility which allows your existing technology to detect and remove unwanted particles. Let Siftex show you how MAGNETHANE flexible connectors and screen cleaning balls can help you win the battle to reduce foreign material contamination.

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Commercial bakeries are always working to optimize safety, efficiency and sanitary operations. Siftex Crumb-Catcher under-conveyor vinyl tarps help you achieve these goals. Crumb-catchers trap crumbs, ingredients and waste which might otherwise fall from the conveyor system. Siftex specializes in the turnkey design as well as manufacturing and installation to help save you time and boost productivity. Siftex Crumb-Catchers are built with a focus on ease of use. We design in features that make emptying and cleaning the tarps as easy as calling Siftex to learn more.

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Corrugated Sleeves

Looking for improved wear from your corrugated sleeves? For all your vibratory and gyratory machine connections, you can depend on Siftex for the largest selection of molded corrugated sleeves. We stock the most diameters, lengths, styles and materials so it is easy to choose the right sleeve for your application. Is your product dry, wet, oily, sticky, abrasive, food grade, high temp or low? With 30 years in the flexible connector business, Siftex has learned why some sleeves succeed when others fail. Put our experience and selection to work saving you time and money.

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Clearly a better flexible connector! Clear-Flex polyurethane seamless tubing and custom connectors offer more of what you are looking for: full visual flow, outstanding abrasion resistance, superior static-dissipation and excellent durability. Clear-Flex flexible sleeves are made from proprietary, custom-formulated polyurethane available only from Siftex. Clear-Flex flexible connectors have smooth interiors and are rated for increased temperature and chemical resistance. Discover the versatility of Clear-Flex polyurethane flexible sleeves and see what you have been missing!

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