Producing solids & bulk handling components that are made to perform.

Vortex® Slide Gates, Diverters & Iris Valves for handling dry bulk material in gravity flow,

dilute phase or dense pneumatic conveying applications.

We can handle it.

After more than four decades in business, there aren’t many applications we haven’t seen or provided a solution for. Our in-house team of application engineers will work with you and your Vortex sales team representative to provide a solution custom to your application.

Engineered to Order

Vortex believes in offering only value-added products that are designed for purpose, rather than producing off-the-shelf, commodity components. With an in-house team of application engineers, Vortex designs equipment for even the most demanding applications.

Maintenance Friendly

Our priority is to keep you up and running – because in your world, there is no time for downtime. Vortex components are engineered with in-line service features that accelerate the system maintenance process, saving your team time and money.

Extended Service Life

End users are often attracted to equipment on the fallacy of low price, ignoring the cost-benefits of reliability and longevity. Vortex believes in designing products that will out-perform and outlast market alternatives – so that end users realize the full value of their investment.

Minimal Spare Parts

Vortex approaches wear parts with simple, durable design. Doing so means maintenance procedures are also kept simple while the need to perform maintenance is infrequent. This leads to a reduction in spare part inventories – which also means a reduction in costs.

Compensate for Wear

Vortex closely studies the characteristics of thousands of dry bulk materials and how they interact with various materials of construction. We assess the wear potential for each client’s process and make application-specific modifications to ensure reliability, durability and longevity.

Dust Free Technologies

Facilities have an ethical obligation to protect against the hazards of manufacturing. Vortex closely studies trends in air quality, environmental dust emissions, workplace safety and evolving regulations. Our components are designed to comply and address these concerns.

Why Industry Leaders Choose Vortex

Since 1977, we have delivered innovative solutions to a wide range of industries handling thousands of dry bulk solids. Vortex customers know us for our reliable products, proven application experience and exceptional customer support.