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Unloading, feeding, conveying, storage, secUrity sieving and drUm filling of lactose

Unloading, feeding, conveying, storage, security sieving and drum filling of lactose


Expansion of the existing facility in Nörten-Hardenberg to enable the production of Direct Compression
Lactose (DCL).

Gericke Technology

A Gericke Pulse Flow transport vessel type PTA 80 conveys the raw material from big bags to a feeding hopper.

The Gericke Vibrating Bin Activator TXF 900 and Rotaval HDER 200 rotary valve control the discharging of product from the storage hopper.

A special Gericke feeder GAC 133F, ensures high capacity and accurate filling of the drums and Intermediate Bulk Containers (IBC’s).


Raw materials are unloaded from big bags and pneumatically conveyed to a feeding hopper. From the feeding hopper, the material is metered into an agglomerator. After agglomeration, the product is stored in a day bin. The product is then sieved and checked for metal contamination before accurate filling into drums or IBC’s

Materials Handled

Lactose and DCL15.

Bulk Density

Lactose: 560 g/l
DCL15: 500 g/l

Dosing Capacity

4000 kg/h


Gericke delivered the complete powder handling system from the incoming raw material in big-bags up to the packing in drums
and IBC’s.

Gericke vibrating bin activator and rotary valve for feeding product into the sieve

Drum filling line

Gericke-Powder processing