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Mixing and Filling systeM For yolk egg powder

Mixing and Filling system For yolk egg powder


To improve the handling and application characteristics of yolk powder. Filling of drums and big bags.


Adriaan Goede (NL).


After drying the egg yolk is homogenised in a centrifugal sifter. A special vacuum conveying system is lifting the very difficult flowing powder to a weighing hopper. Feeding with RA bin discharger into a horizontal double shaft mixer GMS (Multiflux). Automatic filling of either big bags or drums and boxes.

Gericke Technology

Egg yolk is extremely sensitive on pressure and cakes immediately. Pneumatic conveying systems transport the powder to the weighing hoppers. Gericke GMS Multiflux double shaft mixer ensures a minimal pressure application on the yolk powder. The RA bin discharger
is emptying and dosing the poor flowing yolk egg powder. A GAC 232 feeder is used for feeding the silica into the mixer before a GDU 451 feeder with weighing platform and roll conveyor is filling the drums and boxes.


Yolk and Silica (Aerosil).

Bulk density

Yolk: 0,3 – 0,4 kg/l
Silica (Aerosil): 0,05 – 0,15 kg/l.


700 kg/h.

System Requirements

Yolk powder asks for a very gentle handling and processing. Otherwise it bridges and cakes.
Gericke equipment has been adapted to fulfil the.

Dry Yolk Bulk

Gericke has delivered this complete installation as a turn-key project. Yolk powder is a very difficult product to handle, especially when it is warm.

By doing product tests in our test facilities, we are aware of the product characteristics. The wide range of Gericke products and technologies, and
the knowledge of our experienced project engineers makes it possible to deliver a complete and satisfied functioning installation.

flow diagram
RA Bin Discharger

RA Bin Discharger feeding yolk to mixer.

GDU 451 Feeder

GDU 451 feeder with weighing platform and
roll conveyor is filling the drums and boxes.