Meet the world’s most versatile and efficient conveying solution The Industrial Floveyor meets the modern bulk handling facility’s need for consistent performance with minimal power consumption.

Who we are

Floveyor is an award-winning third-generation family business. We design, manufacture and support materials handling solutions for powders and granules. In 1958 we invented and patented the Aero-Mechanical Conveyor (AMC), commonly known as the Floveyor. Today our matchless AMCs are integral to high-end applications everywhere.

What we do

We simplify conveying by:

  • Finding ideal material handling solutions for powders and granules
  • Excelling in getting your raw materials into the process
  • Focusing on transferring your materials between processes.

Above all, we provide safe, globally compliant equipment that protects your product, brand, and reputation.

We are the pioneers of the aero-mechanical method of conveying and FloDisc technology.
We focus on better powder handling to transfer powders and granules faster, safer, cleaner, and with less energy consumption.

  • It’s the only way we can guarantee the longevity and quality that sees original Floveyor conveyors in operation for decades.
  • Original Floveyor machinery and equipment are engineered and manufactured at our factory in Perth, Western Australia.


Floveyor have been delivering conveyor machinery and equipment in greenfields or brownfields plant operations for more than 60 years and we haven’t met a challenge we couldn’t solve.

We work with companies who have a single conveyor as well as multinational brands who operate with our process line technology.