Downtime Reduction (Bakery)

A large, multinational bakery in the UK was having difficulty with the flexible sleeve connecting a weigh hopper and dough mixer. Inaccuracy in fitting meant load cells were affected and each time an hour of lost production was spent adjusting the connector to ensure accurate tare weight. Installing BFM flexible fittings has saved them over £40,000 in […]

Standardisation (Chemicals)

The engineers at the world’s third-largest innovative agricultural input company, Bayer CropScience, were searching for a flexible connector that could be standardised throughout their global operations. They had to be 100% dust-tight, fast, easy and safe to fit, chemical resistant and most importantly, comply with stringent international Atex explosion standards. After an extensive search, the BFM fitting […]

Downtime Reduction (Food)

Bob’s Red Mill Natural Foods Inc, USA, mills a range of flours, meals and cereals 24 hours a day, 6 days a week. They had a time challenge with the difficult cleaning and refitting of their traditional clamp-and-sleeve connectors when switching product runs. They were also searching for a solution to the dust leaking from […]